Managing Hearing Loss – Sound Ideas

Frustrated with your hearing loss?  Hearing aids sitting in a drawer instead of in your ear?  Need a hearing aid … or so your family says?  People mumble … they whisper … the background noise …  Is this your life now that you have hearing loss?

If these scenarios are familiar, you may like to join us for a six week course this spring – Managing Hearing Loss- Sound Ideas.  The program starts in early April at the St. James Senior Centre, 203 Dfffield Street 204-987-8850, and at Good Neighbours Active Living Centre, 720 Henderson Highway 204-669-1710.  You can register by calling the centres directly or calling our office at 204-975-3037.  Or you can use the contact button at the top of your screen to email us.  Class size is limited, so register soon.  More details will be posted in our on-line events calendar in early to mid March.  

CHHA National Conference

The CHHA national conference takes place from May 21 to 23, 2015 at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  CHHA members who register before February 28 pay just $280, a saving of up to $70.00.  The conference includes a reception, plenary sessions and workshops, an exhibit hall, and a banquet with a special evening event as well as the association’s annual general meeting.  For details, check out the conference information on the national web site at

Meniere’s Support Group

A self-help group for people with Ménière’s Disease and other inner-ear balance disorders. Meet others people with the same problems you face, share ideas and coping strategies, reduce isolation resulting from this invisible disability.  For more info click the “Contact” button in the menu bar to send us an email, or phone 204-975-3037

The Who, What & How of Cochlear Implants in Manitoba

Presented by Mr. Jacob Sulkers, Audiologist.

Please join us for an interactive discussion about cochlear implantation including: What is a cochlear implant and how does it work?  For Whom is a cochlear implant appropriate?  How does one go about getting a cochlear implant in Manitoba?  What can you do if you are not an implant candidate but still struggle with communication?

Note Takers and sound system provided to ensure all can participate.  Space is limited – RSVP by February 18, 2015 to or call 204-975-3037.


100 + Cochlear Implants in Manitoba

There have been over 100 cochlear implant surgeries in Manitoba since the program was announced three years ago in 2011.  CHHA Manitoba Chapter was instrumental in convincing the Manitoba government to develop the program here instead of sending patients out of province for their surgery. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority published an article about the program success in it’s Nov/Dec 2014  Wave magazine, available online at

A Winnipeg Free Press story published November 17, 2014 also outlines the program and its successes.  Read the full story at:

Manitoba Happenings

There’s lots of activity at CHHA Manitoba Chapter this fall.  The chapter was invited to give presentations to several groups in Winnipeg as well as in Selkirk and Carberry.  Our chapter was represented at the Celebrating Abilities Conference in Thompson where board member Gladys Nielsen gave a presentation.  There is currently a Living with Hearing Loss session underway at the Good Neighbours Active Living Centre, and a special program for cochlear implant patients, Coping with Hearing Loss, is being held at the Central Speech and Hearing Clinic.

In addition, the National Speech Reading training program runs in Winnipeg the week of November 24th to provide unified training to both new and experienced speech reading instructors.  This program is sponsored by the Federal Government and is being delivered in six locations across Canada.

Celebrating Abilities Conference

In October, Community Living Manitoba hosted a conference in Thompson focused on celebrating abilities in northern and rural areas of the province.  Gladys Nielsen, a Board member with CHHA Manitoba Chapter, delivered a workshop on living with hearing loss at the conference.  The Thompson Citizen covered the story – you can read their report by clicking on this link:

Vertigo – Understanding and Diagnosing Inner-ear Balance Disorders

CBC published a detailed article by multimedia journalist Meredith Levine in October 2014 about the challenges of diagnosing and treating inner-ear balance (vestibular) disorders.

Among the challenges is the fact that the vestibular system is “… inaccessibly encased in bone, beyond the reach of biopsy or current imaging technology.  Accurate diagnosis requires both specialized equipment … and specialists willing to invest inordinate amounts of time …”

Read the full article at

Coping With Hearing Loss Info Session

Learn about hearing loss, coping strategies, and tips for everyday living at an info session at the Reh-Fit Centre.  Register online at or call 204-488-8023

Living With Hearing Loss

CHHA Manitoba Chapter is offering a special 10-week Living With Hearing Loss class at the Central Speech and Hearing Clinic to help people with cochlear implants or who are on the CI waiting list, as well as those who are late-deafened to improve their speech-reading skills.  Classes start September 26 1:30 to 3:30.  The cost is $40 for CHHA members and $50 for non-members.  To register call 204-975-3037 or email