Meniere’s Support Group

A self-help group for people with Meniere’s Disease and other inner-ear balance disorders. Meet others with the same problems you face, share ideas and coping strategies, reduce isolation resulting from this invisible disability.

We have a special presentation planned for this meeting.  Two physiotherapists will discuss safe exercises for people with balance disorders.  Note Taking service will be provided for our hard-of-hearing members. For more information email or phone 204-975-3037

Annual General Meeting

For our annual meeting this spring we’ve decided to discuss what the future of CHHA Manitoba Chapter means to you, our members, and what direction you would like us to move as we head into the future.  Your input is of the utmost importance as this is your association and only you can make the choices that you want the Board to implement to ensure that we are here for all hard of hearing Manitobans, now and in the future.

There will be a door prize and a gift basket.  Come and bring a friend to help our chapter decide our strategy!  Sound system and Note Taking service provided.  There’ll be refreshments and an opportunity to visit with friends following the meeting.  Parking is available in the south lot off McDermot Avenue (across the lane from SMD).  Be sure to sign in at the security desk.

Hearing test iPad app

A Canadian-developed hearing test iPad application developed for use in third-world countries has applications at home.  Read the CBC on-line story about this diagnostic tool here:

Staying Safe: For the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Age & Opportunity (A & O) Support Services for Older Adults would like to invite you to attend the 2015 National Victims of Crime Awareness Week event entitled “Staying Safe: For the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.”   (Registration deadline –  April 7, 2015) Read more »

Tinnitus Support Group

Ringing, buzzing, humming and other weird noises in your ears?  Attend a special Tinnitus Support Group meeting at SMD with guest speaker Marcia Suderman.  For more information, please call CHHA Manitoba Chapter care of SMD Clearinghouse at 204-957-3037.  Free evening parking is available, but you must sign in at the security desk to avoid being towed.

A big THANK YOU to our volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month and CHHA Manitoba Chapter is happy to take this opportunity to recognize the many people who work to deliver our chapter’s programs and services.  Thanks a bunch everyone! 

CRTC – proposes new rules for TV contracts and on-line broadcasts

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has proposed new rules for cable TV pricing to make contracts clearer and more consumer friendly.  At the same time the Commission has also mandated that closed captioning services already available on regular TV programs are to be included free of charge when those programs are broadcast online and on mobile devices.   Read  MacLean’s story here:



U of M Centre on Aging to host its 32nd Annual Symposium

The Centre on Aging, University of Manitoba hosts its 32nd annual spring research symposium over two days on May 4-5, 2015 on the Bannatyne Campus.  Many topics will be covered at the event, including presentations on research , care in personal care homes, safety and much more.
All are welcome! There is no cost to attend the sessions. Lunch is available for $10. Registration forms are available on the Centre’s Web site until April 24, 2015. After April 24, 2015, attendees must register in person at the registration desk on May 4, 2015.  For more information, visit or call (204) 474-9854.

Thinking About Getting Hearing Aids?

Things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting hearing aids:

First Things First

Visit your family doctor first to have your ears checked for possible ear wax build-up and other conditions that may affect your hearing. Your doctor may refer you to an ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialist for further evaluation, or may recommend an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.

See a properly licensed audiologist for a hearing test. There will probably be a fee for the test if you don’t purchase hearing aids from this business, but patients are entitled to receive a copy of their audiogram to take elsewhere. Some companies charge a fee even if you do purchase from them.

Hearing Test

Hearing loss related to employment or military service may be covered by Workers’ Compensation or Veterans’ Affairs. Find out the answer before proceeding with a hearing test and hearing aid purchase as these institutions may have special requirements or application processes

If you have a private health insurance plan, find out if it covers testing and/or a portion of the purchase price of hearing aids, and if there are any referral letters/test results required in order to apply for coverage. Read more »

Can You Hear Me Now?

Read this excellent March 5, 2015 article by Shannon Sampert, Winnipeg Free Press perspectives and politics editor in which she discusses her own hearing loss and the challenges – both emotional and financial faced by the hard of hearing community.