Volunteer Opportunity

This is an opportunity for someone with training and experience as a webmaster to provide valuable support to an organization that focuses on delivering information and programs to Manitoba’s hard of hearing community as well as their families, friends and colleagues. The job does not require a major time commitment, but performing the work will provide a significant benefit to others.

The website runs on a free WordPress software platform with a customized theme and 15 active plugins as well as an accessibility feature.  The site also utilizes the All in One WP Security plugin with the addition of country-blocking software to reduce hacking attempts.  The site does not employ features such as moving banners, flashing images or other visual distractions as some users experience problems with sensory overload.  The site does not process financial transactions, but does include a link to Canada Helps to process donations.  Please click Contact or use the contact button above to request more information and/or submit your application!

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