Michelle Saul

Michelle Saul’s initial contact with CHHA was through the Meniere’s Support Group where she began to learn more about her balance disorder, and where she first heard about the CHHA Manitoba Chapter as well at the Living With Hearing Loss Program. After attending both the support group and the hearing loss program for a while, Michelle recognized that she has a strong interest in helping others whose lives are affected by hearing loss.
Michelle has attended both the University of Regina and the University of Winnipeg, and is a graduate of the Business Information Systems program at Herzing Career College. After her graduation from college she worked for eight years as branch manager in a large financial institution. Her education and work in information systems and management are great assets in her role as a member of CHHA Manitoba Chapter board. Her struggles with Ménière’s disease and hearing loss make her a strong advocate for the hard of hearing community.
Michelle is also a single mom raising a teenage son, and she therefore made a career change to pursue a calmer work environment. Michelle works for Winnipeg School Division No. 1 as an educational assistant, and an adult crossing guard. Her work involves daily interaction with students, teachers, and the public. Her moderate to severe hearing loss and single sided deafness make it a daily challenge to meet the requirements of her workplace, but Michelle’s commitment and determination have led her to resolve many of her challenges by taking a proactive approach with her employer to ensure she has the support she needs in order to perform well.
Michelle has recently joined the newsletter committee, and has taken on the task of layout and production, a great opportunity to use her computer skills and creativity.