David Brosch

David joined the Board in May 2016 as a member at large.  As a professional truck driver for the past 28 years David has been exposed to all the noise that comes with the job (truck engines, air brakes, and decoupling from trailers).  He began to notice a decrease in his hearing, and testing confirms that he has a hearing loss in his right ear.

David’s partner has a severe hearing loss and he notes that their time together has been full of surprises and miscommunications.  He also reports that learning to communicate with her is an ongoing process for both of them.  He has to remind himself to speak more slowly and speak directly to her to ensure effective communication. 

David willingly provides support to his partner in many areas, including phone calls and accompanying her to doctor’s appointments and business meetings.  David has learned the importance and necessity of ongoing advocacy and education on hearing loss issues for people with hearing loss as well as their families and the public.  He wants to be a voice for the hard of hearing community to speak out about the barriers we face, and to advocate for a hearing-accessible government and community.