About Our Web Site

Our chapter developed this web site to help members of Manitoba’s hard of hearing community find information to help them live successfully with hearing loss. We provide hints to help improve communication, as well as information about Meniere’s Disease, personal stories about coping with hearing loss, and many other topics of interest to hard of hearing people, as well as their friends and families. Our Access page includes a listing of Winnipeg venues with assistive listening technology, tips on dining out, and a partial listing of places of worship with assistive technology. Our pages are easy to navigate through drop-down menus, and all of our news items are archived. On the left of your screen you’ll see two short listings of links to other web sites – more links can be found by clicking on the Links button in the menu bar above.

If you encounter problems with the site, please send us a note by clicking the Contact button at the top of your screen. Thanks, enjoy your visit, and drop by often!