Elsie Edwards

Elsie Edwards joined the CHHA Manitoba Chapter Board in September 2015. After working as a nurse for many years Elsie returned to the University of Winnipeg where she studied Law and Justice, along with Conflict Resolution & Mediation, majoring in counseling. In addition to her nursing career, Elsie has also operated her own business providing CPR and first aid pre-hospital emergency training.

Most recently Elsie has worked with families in crisis, helping them find community resources, and teaching parenting skills. She has also been helping new immigrants find resources, employment and accommodation.

Elsie does not have hearing loss herself but through family and good friends who have hearing loss she has learned some of the challenges they face. She has tried to become more proficient in communication by helping with the support groups and events sponsored by CHHA.

Elsie looks forward to continued learning and working as an advocate for Manitobans with hearing loss.  In addition to serving on the Manitoba Chapter Board, Elsie joined the National Board in June 2016, where she will serve as secretary.