Rosalyn Sutley

Rosalyn’s hearing loss journey began in childhood with a moderate to profound hearing loss. Hearing aids, batteries and lip reading were a way of life. Lip reading classes, as they were called in the sixties, began in grade one at Mulvey School with the wonderful Miss Mellor.

The hearing aids changed through the years going from body aids to behind the ear models and F.M. systems. Now Rosalyn is a cochlear implant user.
Even with assistive devices hearing has always been a challenge for Rosalyn, and joining CHHA in the late 1980′s provided the much needed support, information, education and resources she needed to cope successfully in an increasing loud world. In 1996 Rosalyn became a speech-reading instructor and has has delivered Living with Hearing Loss classes to several groups. Rosalyn looks forward to serving on the Board of CHHA Manitoba Chapter where she will be in an excellent position to use her knowledge and skills to further the work of the chapter in reaching Manitoba’s hard of hearing community.  Rosalyn has served as Board Secretary for CHHA Manitoba Chapter and in 2016 she became chapter president.