About Our Web Site

in 1997 our chapter developed a website to help members of Manitoba’s hard of hearing community find information to help them live successfully with hearing loss. Over the ensuing years we’ve changed software programs, redesigned the appearance, and added new features.

However, in ten years technology has changed dramatically, and consumer preferences have evolved.  Given these changes the chapter undertook a major website overhaul in 2017 to improve navigation of our pages and ensure the information we present meets the needs of our audience, whether they are using computers or mobile devices.   Our pages are now easier than ever to navigate through drop-down menus, and all of our news items are archived.

We added a further enhancement in the Spring of 2018 – visitors are now able to pay their membership or make a donation to the chapter using PayPal or a credit card.

If you encounter problems with the site, or have questions about the content please send us a note by clicking the Contact button at the top of your screen. Thanks, enjoy your visit, and drop by often!