Hard of Hearing Hospital Kits

CHHA board members and volunteers have implemented a special trial project to develop and introduce Hard of Hearing Hospital Kits to improve the health and well-being of hard of hearing and deafened patients.  This major project, led by CHHA Manitoba Chapter in partnership with the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, was funded by the Winnipeg Foundation.

The work entailed development of a kit to be provided to a test-base of 1,000 hospital patients who indicate they are hard of hearing or deafened.  Once the contents of the kit had been agreed upon the materials had to be created and produced, and a significant amount of work was needed to develop and deliver training to healthcare workers on the three test units at the hospital.  The response of hospital staff to both the the training and the actual kits was exceptional, and CHHA Manitoba Chapter wishes to thank and acknowledge the following for their contributions:

  • Leslie Sarchuk, HSC Director –Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Services
  • Sylvie Berard, HSC Audiologist
  • HSC Unit Managers;  Monika Gawthrop, Bobbi Jackson, Louise Cameron
  • HSC Nurse Educators; Binh Nguyen, Frederica Emery
  • Popular Press – Jeff Hudson
  • Gladys Nielsen – CHHA Past-President & Principle Administration Volunteer   
  • Cathy Cooke – CHHA Secretary
  • John Cooke – CHHA Treasurer
  • Noreen Papineau – CHHA Member at large
  • Betty Anderson – CHHA Member at large
  • Joanne Craig – CHHA Member at large & Meniere’s Support Group Representative
  • Starra Slykerman – CHHA Member at large & Hospital Liaison Representative
  • Robert Richard – CHHA Immediate Past President
  • Kathy Grabowski – SMD Clearinghouse
  • Volunteers – SMD Clearinghouse

The project is ongoing until all 1,000 kits have been distributed.  The following chart lists the kit contents:



Large zip locked bag to keep the materials together with a space to write the patient’s name. Keeps the components of each kit in a labelled and zippered plastic carrier to ensure each kit is complete and ready for distribution to patients with hearing loss, and for easy access during the hospital stay.
Chart label stickers with the international hard of hearing logo Ensures all health care personnel accessing the patient’s chart are aware of the patient’s communication needs.
Laminated Communication Card Communication card to enable patients to indicate that they are hard of hearing.  Reverse side has tips for communicating with a hard of hearing person.
Pen To assist with written communication when necessary
Pad of Paper To assist with written communication when necessary
Communication Check list For patients to identify their specific communication needs, and the type of hearing equipment they use.  To be placed in the front of the patients medical chart.
CHHA Pamphlet, including a membership application form A resource for patients and their friends and family; also encourages membership in CHHA Manitoba.
Hearing aid holder  – small zip locked bag with space to write the patient’s name To help ensure the safe storage of hearing aides, and their transport to other hospital areas such as the operating and recovery suite.
Small safety pin To attach the small hearing aid bag to to patient’s gown during procedures when hearing aid(s) must be removed.
Label stickers with the international hard of hearing logo and no water logo. To attach to a denture cup or alternative aid storage device to label and identify product.
Laminated sign “I am hard of hearing please face me.  Speak clearly. Small sign to place in open view   to support communication.

HHHK - Picture at a glance-3