Access means different things to different people.  To provide access for wheelchair users, installing ramps and automated doors into buildings are first steps in ensuring their right of entry.  For hard of hearing people, access is different – and the need is not always immediately evident.  What it comes down to is ensuring that hard of hearing people can communicate and actively participate in social, family, educational, service, and business settings.

A booklet published by CHHA National – Working with Hearing Loss – A Guide for Employees, Employers and Entrepreneurs, is an excellent resource and is available in both English and French.  It can be downloaded in pdf format for free from the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, National website.  The hard-copy version can be ordered by contacting the CHHA National office toll-free at 800-263-8068, TTY 613-526-2692 or email  Another useful guide published by CHHA National – Universal Design and Barrier-Free Access, Guidelines for Persons with Hearing Loss is also available by using the link to the CHHA National web site noted above.

CHHA Manitoba Chapter works with educators, employers, government and others to help ensure that hard of hearing Manitobans have access to the services and information they need. This section of our web site includes information about assistive listening devices, how they work and their availability in various venues.  Also included are selected articles on accessibility policies

For information about accessibility in Manitoba please see the article below on the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, or click this link: The Accessibility for Manitobans Act