Tammy Perry – Member at Large

Tammy is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and is a Registered Social Worker helping and counselling others in a variety of life issues.  Tammy became involved with the CHHA Manitoba Chapter when she attended a Hearing Loss Workshop in 2018 and subsequently joined the Board in 2019.  With the help of CHHA Tammy created the Silence No More Workshop that explores the physical and mental health impacts of hearing loss.  The primary goal for this workshop is to reduce isolation for those experiencing hearing loss, and to also inform family, friends, and the overall community including professionals to understand the difficulties and challenges faced from this invisible disability.  Tammy also shares some of her own experiences in the work shop as she describes the impact of childhood ear infections and invasive surgeries in her early adult years that resulted in hearing loss of certain pitches and sounds.  She also discusses how this ear trauma affected her mental well being as she became depressed and went through a period of grief not fully understanding the difficult emotions surrounding her.  Tammy is excited to be involved with the CHHA Manitoba Chapter and is passionate about the need for resources and advocacy in order to support working professionals in their place of employment.  Tammy is married and has three wonderful children.