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Word Search Puzzle Answers

The February 2017 newsletter included a word search puzzle.  Click here to see the solution: February 2017 Word Search Puzzle Answers


See Your Doctor About Earwax Problems

It’s tempting to dig away at earwax with cotton swabs, bobby pins or other tools.  But it takes a medical professional to properly assess problems with earwax and safely remove it.  The following report published by CBC explains why

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CHHA Manitoba Chapter has many special presentations and regular meetings coming up.  Be sure to check out the listing on the right side of our home page to see what’s happening!


Congratulations to Gael Hannan on the highly successful launch of her book, The Way I Hear It: A Life With Hearing Loss.  The book reached number two on McNally Robinson’s best seller list for non-fiction for the week of May 22 to June 1, 2016.

Video from May 26, 2016 book signing

A special event CHHA Manitoba Chapter sponsored as part of Speech and Hearing Month in 2016 was a book-signing held Thursday May 26 at the McNally Robinson book store in Winnipeg.  The event featured Gael Hannan discussing her new book, The Way I Hear It: A Life With Hearing Loss.  Gael is a sought-after speaker known for her funny and insightful performances on living with hearing loss. Here’s a link to the video posted on YouTube.  The video was shot using a cellphone from the back of the room so the quality is not perfect, but it’s still good!  You may have to increase your volume to hear it properly. Gael Hannan book signing May 27, 2016

Coming Soon!

See Me Speak – an eight-week speech (lip) reading program

Join us in the spring and learn the fundamentals of speech (lip) reading. Train your eyes to “listen” to a speaker by watching their face to learn their speech patterns, movements and gestures. Classes are an hour long and involve learning basic lip shapes, understanding gestures and body language, practice in speechreading and an opportunity to socialize with others who understand the struggles faced by those with hearing loss. The classes are taught by Rosalyn Sutley, a certified speechreading instructor.

Classes are scheduled for Tuesdays from 1:30 – 2:30 starting April 5th at the St James Assiniboia 55+ Centre, 3-203 Duffield Street. Call 204-987-8850 or email to register. The cost is $35.00. Parking on designated streets for 4 hours is a $5 fee for the duration of the course. Easily accessible by transit.

Disability Issues – Annual Accessibility Survey

The Province of Manitoba wants to measure the impact of the introduction of The Accessibility of Manitobans Act.

Each year during the month of December, the Disabilities Issues Office (DIO) will invite Manitobans to help evaluate the effect of introducing accessibility legislation and to offer comments on what the Government can do to better support the legislation.  The DIO will ask the same questions in future years during December, in order to measure changes over time.

Please respond to,  by email, fax (204) 948-2896,or  by telephone interview (204) 945-7613.  The deadline is January 19, 2016

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Disability Matters: Vote 2016

A special joint project called Disability Matters: Vote 2016 has been launched by Abilities Manitoba and Barrier-Free Manitoba.  This is a non-partisan, cross-disability campaign to:

(1) Ensure that all Manitobans with disabilities can participate fully in election activities and that those who are eligible to vote are able to do so.
(2) Promote priority attention for disability issues in the election.
(3) Support Manitobans with disabilities in making informed voting decisions

Learn more about the campaign and the organizers by clicking on each of the links above and consider getting involved with your disability support organization.


Home-buyer Education Series

SEED Winnipeg Inc. is holding a series of free workshops on home buying. These workshops cover topics such as mortgages, housing costs and how to find the right house and are meant for people of diverse backgrounds living on a low income.   Here are the details:

January 19 to February 4, 2016, (Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Millennium Library, 251 Donald Street

Limited seats are available. Call 204-927-9947 to register for one or all topics.
January 19:  What will it cost to buy a house?
January 21:  Mortgages and housing costs
January 26:  How to find the right house
January 28:  Realtors and legal matters
February 2:  Insurance and maintenance
February4:   Meet a Realtor, lawyer and mortgage specialist

CHHA Online Scholarship Application Deadline is March 4, 2016

The CHHA Scholarship Program has been launched and is now available online. If you are a post-secondary student (or will be in September 2016) and experience hearing loss, please review the eligibility criteria and submit your application today! This online format will save you time and effort: only one application needed to apply for any of the four scholarships.  Online Scholarship Application 2016