Appeal for Support for Central Speech and Hearing Clinic

To our families, friends and supporters

I am hoping that you will take time to listen to this young woman’s interview and understand what is possible for deaf and hard of hearing children and how your past support and donations have made it possible for young people like Jessie to achieve their goals.  Jessie and her parents learned of the Clinic’s program when Jessie was six years old.  They traveled weekly from Souris, Manitoba to learn how to teach Jessie how to speak.  Jessie had hearing aids but received a cochlear implant when she was in Grade 3.  She progressed well through the school system, graduated from Grade XII and studied the Sciences  at the University of Manitoba.  Before beginning her Education degree, Jessie took a year off and travelled, on her own, through Australia.  She completed her Education degree, graduated and was hired to teach Mathematics in Norwich, England.  Jessie is now teaching in Altona, Manitoba.   As Jessie says in the interview, it wasn’t an easy road but it was all well worth it. I am writing to ask your financial support for our program.  We will not be having our Culinary Classic For Kids this year which generates about $50,000 for our programming.  Three departments in government provide 75% of the funding to the Clinic.  Unfortunately, this support only covers the salaries of our staff.  We need fundraising dollars to cover Operating Expenses and special projects such as digitizing our medical filing system and upgrading our Information Kit and brochure.  The National, Provincial and local Elks lodges are very supportive and are very helpful in providing needed funding for our Clinic but we still require more. The two special projects alone will cost $30,000 to $40,000. It would be very helpful and sincerely appreciated if you would consider making a financial contribution to help our families who access the Clinic’s services.

If you would like more information about the Clinic’s program,   please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 204 262 – 1024 or by email at  Our Office Manager, Kelly Boyd, will also be able to provide you with any information you might need.  Kelly’s direct line is 204 275 7436 and her email is

I thank you in advance for considering this request.  Any donation however big or small will be sincerely appreciated and will be acknowledged with a tax receipt and on our website, unless otherwise directed.