Do We RECYCLE Hearing Aids?

Yes!! Hearing aids can be recycled!

We have received a few inquiries about recycling hearing aids and yes we do accept them. CHHA Manitoba Chapter has been partnering with The Lion’s Hearing Foundation of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario to recycle used hearing aids.  The foundation of is a non-profit organization that provides hearing related services to both children and adults.  They help those requiring specialized surgery or hearing aids.  The Lion’s Hearing Foundation believes everyone has a right to effective communication.  They have an Education and Resource Center that focuses on providing information, education, support groups, and counseling for families of children with hearing loss.

When the CHHA Manitoba Chapter Board members saw the mini-collection boxes that the Lion’s Foundation distributes to collect used hearing aids, we were inspired by their program.  We know the cost of hearing aids is high and can be out of reach for some people.  We feel that partnering with the Lions Hearing Foundation is a good fit for our organization.

Lions Hearing Aid Recycling Program
Lions Hearing Aid Recycling Program Donation Box

Our Board has offered to help place the collection boxes in public locations. Presently we have a box at our office at the SMD Clearinghouse, one at the Winnipeg Hearing Centre on Henderson Hwy, and Jo-Anne Jones, one of our speech reading instructors, brings a box with her to her classes.

It’s a simple program: (1) Drop off your used hearing aid. (2) The Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario will recycle these hearing aids.  (3) In partnership with Horizon Hearing Centres and Enhanced Hearing Centres, the hearing aids will be re-manufactured into new hearing aids for those who need them.

For more information on this useful and wonderful program, please contact the Lion’s Hearing Foundation at 204-772-1899, or visit their website at

CHHA Manitoba Chapter does its part by partnering with the Lion’s Foundation.  We have already donated the hearing aids that people have sent to us.  We also have a donation box at our office at 825 Sherbrook Street, second floor. We will all feel good that we can help someone else to communicate and hear better.

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