Wonderful Opportunity – Tablet Giveaway!

March of Dimes Canada is here for you!  Tell us your story and win a customized ​accessible tablet package that includes a tablet, case, stylus and specialized apps to improve your community access and participation.

March of Dimes Canada will help residents in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Nova Scotia and Montreal with physical disabilities to enhance their community access and participation through the Assistive Mobile Technology Initiative (AMTI). We are looking for local residents with a disability which impacts their ability to communicate, be independent or to enjoy other aspects of a full life.

Share your story with us for a chance to win a customized tablet package. The Tablet package has a maximum value of $1875.00 per winner. ​ The project will help successful applicants achieve one or more of the following:

* Increase access to services
* Explore or control the environment
* Contribute to their ability to take on new leisure pursuits
* Contribute to improving their education
* Assist in their employment objectives
* Assist in communication, verbal and written

Applications must be received by the following dates:
Edmonton – August 29, 2018
Winnipeg – September 4, 2018
Nova Scotia – October 9, 2018
Montreal – October 30, 2018

AMTI Guidelines 2018-2019

Winnipeg AMTI Application 2018-2019