Can I get financial assistance to help me pay for my hearing aid(s)?

Hearing aids are not covered by Manitoba Health, except for children under the age of 18.  Information on coverage is available at

You may be covered for the purchase hearing aids through your private medical insurance plan.  Check with your insurance company’s plan administrator prior to making a purchase so you will know exactly what is covered and what documentation is required to submit a claim.

If your hearing loss is the result of a work injury, you may be eligible for assistance through Workers’ Compensation. You must check with your Workers’ Compensation case manager to find out if you are covered and what process you must follow to receive support.

In Manitoba, financial assistance may be available through the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities’ (SMD) Assistive Technology Program. To benefit from this program you must be a member of CHHA or another organization affiliated with SMD in order to qualify. Information about the program is available at: SMD Services For Adults – Assistive Technology